twenty facts.

by Larah Rebecca

  • I get envy and mad about department stores and graphic design tee designers because they have nicer graphic design tees for men than for women? And I kinda like it and would badly need one!
  • I like chocolate. And I like cheesecake. But I HATE chocolate cheesecake because that’s just wrong. Says the person who likes pineapples in her pizza.
  • My alternate version would be a veterinarian with an adoption and rescue clinic in a small town.
  • I like the thought of living in a crate house.
  • I have a burning passion when discussing about movies, directing, cinematography and color grading.
  • I like watching social experiments and documentaries especially those that feature cults, the renaissance, the holocaust, religion and ancient civilizations and a side of science.
  • I want my life to be that Julia Robert’s movie, Eat, Pray and Love. Minus the love part considering I am an akward flirter.
  • My dream is to watch every Broadway musical and play in NYC.
  • I have a thing for stationery products and never using them.
  • I salute and have mad respects for strong independent women, female comedians, war veterans, survivors and people who run rescue and adoption centers.
  • I don’t like it when babies look at me. They’re cute in all but please stop staring at my face.
  • I like the smell of fresh laundry (who doesn’t?)
  • Before watching a movie, I first have to check its rating, who’s directing and the cast. Bonus if they’ve won awards. Plus I have award season shindigs.
  • I believe that married women should not be forced by society to get pregnant and have kids. They have the freedom to choose not to. And single women to freely choose whether they want to stay single and never be pressured to get married because of their age and “ovary clock”.
  • When I see a group/bunch of men, I call them “too much testosterone”.
  • I research hard. Scary hard.
  • I hate crowded places especially when people stare at your face and question your very existence.
  • When I get so bored, I make origami paper cranes.
  • One day, I want to have multiple religions and unlabeled love.
  • My truest self appears after 12 midnight, so lucky are those who have seen me past 12.