the short film virgin.

by Larah Rebecca


As a Journalism student, one would think that our capacities are only measured by words and the four sides  of an article. To be honest, we can’t all be words and no actions because I believe a person’s course does not define who s/he is, it’s their talent and passion towards something.

In the pursuit of me finishing my degree in college, I had one subject that I both love and hate. I was taking Film Art. A course where basically anyone who is taking a Communication degree-related is required to take it. Believe me when I say, I was excited to do it.

A little backstory when I was in my junior year in high school, one of our classes gave us the opportunity to create our own films. I did everything and when I mean everything, every single thing. Down until the editing to directing but I didn’t complain because it was that moment that you felt happy doing what you love to do. You didn’t feel tired, you feel the passion burning inside you, driving you to the finish line.

Now back to the present, we were only given a small amount of time to actually finish our film and to tell you honestly, it was a hell of a ride.

There were parts that made me happy especially when I do my cinematography, where I gladly showcase my love for photography and capturing the right shot at the right time. It didn’t bother me that I had to carry heavy tripods while walking through the countryside of rice fields and muddy pathways. Also I found the joy of making screenplays, scripts and storyboards. But there were some parts that made me hate it yet it wasn’t as good as the happy ones.

All in all, making this short film was very satisfying and awakening because it made you realize that if you’re not cut out on being something they want you to be, you can still do you and to always remember to keep dreaming.

Some shots & behind-the-scenes shots in the film: