a short poem: question (i)

by Larah Rebecca

I’d like to ask a few,

Questions that made me curious

‘Bout the world around us.

So, my fellow countrymen

Please listen up

I don’t mean to offend you

But I just need the answers, so here it goes.

If I choose to be a deist, agnostic or an atheist

I deserve to be punished, to kill myself?

If I am a homo/pan/bi-sexual, a trans

I deserve to die?

If I support same-sex marriage,

I deserve to rot in hell?

If I failed my academic pursuit,

I deserve the hurtful words uttered to me?

If I choose what I love than doing what others want,

I deserve to be called selfish?

If I couldn’t find the correct answers,

I deserve to call dumb?

If I was born fat,

I deserve to be called a pig?

If I was born skinny,

I deserve to be called “lampayatot“?

If I wasn’t given the prettiest face,

I deserve to be called ugly.

If I wasn’t born with a perfect body,

I deserve to be shamed?

If I don’t have the pleasing attitude,

I deserve to be called a bitch?

If I slept with different guys or raped,

I deserve to be a slut?

If I was a man sexually molested by a female,

I deserve it?

I don’t know why,

But somehow these questions

Need some answers.

I just really want to know.

Philippines, please let me know.

— a short poem I wrote —

photo from: google.com