three sixty-five days of twenty-fifteen.

by Larah Rebecca

A summary of what happened last year. Recalling the memories and reminiscing the past. This is the part of the year,where I gave you a little dip into my 2015 life.

So recalling 2015, it started with a bang because after our Manila trip on December 2014, January was the opening of the year and I was lucky that together with my friends, we celebrated Dinagyang Festival 2015. It was my first time to attend the festival and also went to my first rave which was Dinagyang Invasion. It was an amazing feeling to party from 9PM until 3 in the morning. It made me excited for next year’s Dinagyang.

365 co

February came quick because usually January moves so fast. This was the month solely dedicated for school work because it had tons of acad requirements to fullfil. One thing I remembered was our trip to Guimaras Island because we had to make our newsletter. It was once again my first time to go to Guimaras and will not by my last for sure. It made me love my degree more because of meeting new people and mainly of traveling.


in guimaras island

The next month was also more hectic or should I say hectic-er (but I don’t it’s a word) this is due to our thesis which we had to do before going into our print media internship. So my team had to work hard, there were a few mishaps along the way but I was glad that we defended the first few chapters and proceeded to our internship on April.

Internship months were coming. These were from (April to May), I had two iternship venues, one was with a local weekly newspaper and the City Hall’s PIO office. Also during this period, I had my summer class for my literature class but my classmates were a bunch of education students but I was cool with it because they seem nice people. Also we had a exhibition for our final project, I was an Italian for a day!
After I had finish my summer classes, I focused more on my internship which turned out really great. I went to a few events and had the press access or what I call the taste of media life.

365 (internship)

During the 2nd Iloilo Bike Fest

June, finally came and I was now in senior year. My finale in my college carrer.

July, August, September, October and November were fine but then things get crazy and things don’t really go your way. During these months, I did a short film, turned 20 and tried surviving my finally year in universtiy.

365 (uhinampang)

university intramurals

365days (xmas party)

get together


making a short film for film class

On the last month of the year, my family decide to go back to our old city to spend the holidays. It was short lived but great.

2015, to be honest, was not a good year for me especially the last few months. It wasn’t easy, there were a lot of hurdles that I came across with but I’m hoping that 2016 is going to be great even if I kinda didn’t feel it. I should woman up a bit and face reality.


final year in college