dinagyang invasion twenty-sixteen.

by Larah Rebecca


i am like any other teen young adult out there, who likes to get drunk and party but i regret most of what i did and thought what if i stayed at home and slump into the abyss of the internet. yet what the hell, i am young, wild and living my life not according to plan so yolo.

dingayang invasion 2016 was wild. i went with my rave buddy/close friend, Sheena who introduced me to edm and rave festivals. side-note, i promise her that someday we will attend Tomorrowland or EDC and just let lose.

the party was amazing but was not really as amazing as last year. smaller people came in the first few sets which kinda bothered me. also the booths this year were way updated, so that’s one thing i liked. during the earlier sets, me and my friend Sheena saw DJ Nix Damn P! who is my favorite Filipino DJ, we got to chat a little bit and got a picture.


picmonkey-collage-1the night ended well and lucky for the both us since before the actual raving happened, we found 50 pesos in a trash can and everything went uphill from there. we both went home at around 6 in the morning.


Thanks Panay News for the tickets 🙂