four years of uni life.

by Larah Rebecca

I finally did it. At 20, I graduated from university.

After four years of grinding, learning, failing, surviving and mostly crying, I earned my diploma in Journalism. If you’re asking what graduation day was, it was stressful, hot and at the end, happy. The important thing for me after everything was I hope I made my parents proud.

Four years in college wasn’t that easy, I’ve already expected it since my last year in highschool but what I wasn’t expecting is, what would I end up after. Flashback to senior year in highschool, I had plans of getting into taking Psychology or Veterinary Medicine but somehow I ended up taking an Art major. Those were the times that I felt lost, that I still din’t knew what the future would be, I mean who would know what the future is, exactly? In other words, I wasn’t ready as if I thought I was. To be honest, I didn’t end up taking a psychology degree because I failed the entrance exam, after all these years I never told anyone about this (and yet I shared this in the interwebs so I hope someone is reading this).

throughout my years in college because I know you don’t have time for that and I want to keep it to myself, and yes I am that selfish. But here’s what I can say about university life. And if you’ve just graduated from highschool or currently doing your years in college. Here’s what I learned.

College will change you, that’s a given fact. Whatever you were in highschool, college will not accept that. It will try to change you so might as well join it. People in highschool will never be the same, or I guess maybe in my case that happened. You will meet lairs and traitors and people you swear you never want to meet in your life, because you can’t filter the people that goes in your life or what they do to you. Sometimes even the closets of friends will hurt you. That failing grade you had in class will slap in you in the face, for a while but eventually it will die down. Yet it will haunt you (if you have strict parents ofc). You will regret the things you didn’t do instead of the things that you did do. Try standing out and open to other people (to all my introverted people there), trust me you’ll need it especially if you’re going to another class full of strangers. You will cry, a lot. You will find genuine friends to be with you when times get rough. You will laugh a lot. You may occasionally get drunk. Grab the opportunities given to you and be grateful. There will be teachers that you would hate, love and plainly don’t give a damn about. During college, I never had a boyfriend, so don’t ask me questions about that. Your best friends from highschool will only be phone or text away.

And lastly, you would discover yourself more, maybe not fully perhaps partially, but you’ll get the hang of your inner self once in a while.

University was whole other level. And now after getting my diploma, I ask the deepest question.

Now what?