i was never the girl you take a look at for a second glance. i am the girl who sits quietly at the back of the room, listening to nothing but the noises of people speaking. i am the girl you see walking around town, alone and somehow mumbling words to her brain. i am the girl who talks loudly but can only be heard from the edges of the internet. i am the girl who secretly loves comics and men’s t-shirt. i am the girl who stays true to herself even if she gets hated. i am the girl who’s broken, confuse and lost and is trying to explore the world and herself.

to be fair, i could tell you everything about myself but i don’t trust strangers because how can i trust you when i haven’t met you. but this is what i wanted to say…

i’d like to think that i’m different and sometimes i either love or hate it, there is no in between. there are days that i’m so messed up and days where i’m okay. i have always believe in alternate universes and life forms from other galaxies. when i was a kid i wanted to be an astronaut, when i reached highschool i wanted to be veterinarian and i ended up earning a degree in journalism and still wanting to become a filmmaker.

i am intrigued with religion, gender politics, foreign films, the era of jazz culture, history of any country, mafias and underground civilizations. i tried learning about them by simply watching from the history channel but somehow it was never enough. yet i couldn’t complain since it was the only thing i can afford (for now).

i hate how people like to put labels on every single thing. i hate that i can’t come out of my comfort zone and let the world see who i really am. i am a self-centered idiot that can be the funniest or the most damage person you’d meet. i like giving advices to anyone but couldn’t save herself from drowning.

so this is me, a pretentious blogger that is still trying to figure out what life’s purpose is.