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three sixty-six days of twenty-sixteen


Another year, another look back to what would I call, the luckiest year in all my life. To be honest, I kinda knew that everything was going my way last 2016 and that it was handed to me like a gift I never had, like ever. I didn’t knew that 2016 was gonna be good because 2015 was by far, the worst year of my life. I thought I was gonna get another shot a life but it ate me up again and spat me out. Gross as it sounds, that’s reality.

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four years of uni life.

I finally did it. At 20, I graduated from university.

After four years of grinding, learning, failing, surviving and mostly crying, I earned my diploma in Journalism. If you’re asking what graduation day was, it was stressful, hot and at the end, happy. The important thing for me after everything was I hope I made my parents proud.

Four years in college wasn’t that easy, I’ve already expected it since my last year in highschool but what I wasn’t expecting is, what would I end up after. Flashback to senior year in highschool, I had plans of getting into taking Psychology or Veterinary Medicine but somehow I ended up taking an Art major. Those were the times that I felt lost, that I still din’t knew what the future would be, I mean who would know what the future is, exactly? In other words, I wasn’t ready as if I thought I was. To be honest, I didn’t end up taking a psychology degree because I failed the entrance exam, after all these years I never told anyone about this (and yet I shared this in the interwebs so I hope someone is reading this).

throughout my years in college because I know you don’t have time for that and I want to keep it to myself, and yes I am that selfish. But here’s what I can say about university life. And if you’ve just graduated from highschool or currently doing your years in college. Here’s what I learned.

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dinagyang invasion twenty-sixteen.


i am like any other teen young adult out there, who likes to get drunk and party but i regret most of what i did and thought what if i stayed at home and slump into the abyss of the internet. yet what the hell, i am young, wild and living my life not according to plan so yolo.

dingayang invasion 2016 was wild. i went with my rave buddy/close friend, Sheena who introduced me to edm and rave festivals. side-note, i promise her that someday we will attend Tomorrowland or EDC and just let lose.

the party was amazing but was not really as amazing as last year. smaller people came in the first few sets which kinda bothered me. also the booths this year were way updated, so that’s one thing i liked. during the earlier sets, me and my friend Sheena saw DJ Nix Damn P! who is my favorite Filipino DJ, we got to chat a little bit and got a picture.


picmonkey-collage-1the night ended well and lucky for the both us since before the actual raving happened, we found 50 pesos in a trash can and everything went uphill from there. we both went home at around 6 in the morning.


Thanks¬†Panay News for the tickets ūüôā


three sixty-five days of twenty-fifteen.

A summary of what happened last year. Recalling the memories and reminiscing the past. This is the part of the year,where I gave you a little dip into my 2015 life.

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a short poem: question (i)

I’d like to ask a few,

Questions that made me curious

‘Bout the world around us.

So, my fellow countrymen

Please listen up

I don’t mean to offend you

But I just need the answers, so here it goes.

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the short film virgin.


As a Journalism student, one would think that our capacities are only measured by words and the four sides ¬†of an article. To be honest, we can’t all be words and no actions because I believe a person’s course does not define who s/he is, it’s their talent and passion towards something.

In the pursuit of me finishing my degree in college, I had one subject that I both love and hate. I was taking Film Art. A course where basically anyone who is taking a Communication degree-related is required to take it. Believe me when I say, I was excited to do it.

A little backstory when I was in my junior year in high school, one of our classes gave us the opportunity to create our own films. I did everything and when I mean everything, every single thing. Down until the editing to directing but I didn’t complain because it was that moment that you felt happy doing what you love to do. You didn’t feel tired, you feel the passion burning inside you, driving you to the finish line.

Now back to the present, we were only given a small amount of time to actually finish our film and to tell you honestly, it was a hell of a ride.

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twenty facts.

  • I get envy and mad about department stores and graphic design tee designers because they¬†have nicer graphic design tees for men than for¬†women? And I kinda like it and would badly need¬†one!
  • I like chocolate. And I like cheesecake. But¬†I HATE chocolate cheesecake because that’s just¬†wrong. Says the person who likes pineapples in¬†her pizza.
  • My alternate version would be a veterinarian¬†with an adoption and rescue clinic in a small¬†town.
  • I like the thought of living in a crate¬†house.
  • I have a burning passion when discussing¬†about movies, directing, cinematography and¬†color grading.
  • I like watching social experiments and¬†documentaries especially those that feature¬†cults, the renaissance, the holocaust, religion¬†and ancient civilizations and a side of¬†science.
  • I want my life to be that Julia Robert’s¬†movie, Eat, Pray and Love. Minus the love part¬†considering I am an akward flirter.
  • My dream is to watch every Broadway musical¬†and play in NYC.
  • I have a thing for stationery products and¬†never using them.
  • I salute and have mad respects for strong¬†independent women, female comedians, war¬†veterans, survivors and people who run rescue¬†and adoption centers.
  • I don’t like it when babies look at me.¬†They’re cute in all but please stop staring at¬†my face.
  • I like the smell of fresh laundry (who¬†doesn’t?)
  • Before watching a movie, I first have to¬†check its rating, who’s directing and the cast.¬†Bonus if they’ve won awards. Plus I have award¬†season shindigs.
  • I believe that married women should not be¬†forced by society to get pregnant and have¬†kids. They have the freedom to choose not to.¬†And single women to freely choose whether they¬†want to stay single and never be pressured to¬†get married because of their age and “ovary¬†clock”.
  • When I see a group/bunch of men, I call¬†them “too much testosterone”.
  • I research hard. Scary hard.
  • I hate crowded places especially when¬†people stare at your face and question your¬†very existence.
  • When I get so bored, I make origami paper¬†cranes.
  • One day, I want to have multiple religions¬†and unlabeled love.
  • My truest self appears after 12 midnight,¬†so lucky are those who have seen me past 12.